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What happened to a Christian lady after she had read the Quran?

 What happened to a Christian lady after she had read the Quran? Due to the enormous media campaign targeting Islam and Muslims and associating all the terrorist events to the Islamic background of the perpetrator rather than to his criminal record or mental health as is the case when the perpetrator is a white western person, most non-Muslims including Christians start hating or at least fearing Islam and its followers. As an expected consequence, ordinary people falsely believe that the Quran is full of hateful verses and encourages its readers to hate, attack, and even kill the non-believers. This has resulted in a wave of hate and racist attacks targeting Muslim minorities and Muslim immigrants all over western countries and it is getting bigger and bigger every day. However, media outlets are not the only factor to blame for this hate wave. The audience's laziness and their tendency to hate others based only on what they hear about them without any little effort to investigate

Who is the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)?

Aspects from Muhammed's (PBUH) life   The prophet of Islam Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the pacemaker of all Muslims worldwide. In consequence, believer Muslims do their best to follow his steps, obey his instructions, and conform to his manners. So, shedding a light on some of prophet (PBUH) outstanding attitudes and views would also reflect some of the traits his followers (Muslims) aiming to have. So before you continue reading this article, please put aside all the prejudice thoughts and the stereotypes that you have heard or read about the prophet of Islam and get these brief facts -that all Muslims believe in- as a neutral person. This article shows only a few of the prophet’s attitudes toward women and children, non-Muslims, animals and his   manners in war time. The article content.   The prophet’s attitudes towards women and children. The prophet’s manners in war time.   The prophet’s attitude towards the non-Muslims. The prophet’s kindness towards animals   1.