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What happened to a Christian lady after she had read the Quran?

 What happened to a Christian lady after she had read the Quran? Due to the enormous media campaign targeting Islam and Muslims and associating all the terrorist events to the Islamic background of the perpetrator rather than to his criminal record or mental health as is the case when the perpetrator is a white western person, most non-Muslims including Christians start hating or at least fearing Islam and its followers. As an expected consequence, ordinary people falsely believe that the Quran is full of hateful verses and encourages its readers to hate, attack, and even kill the non-believers. This has resulted in a wave of hate and racist attacks targeting Muslim minorities and Muslim immigrants all over western countries and it is getting bigger and bigger every day. However, media outlets are not the only factor to blame for this hate wave. The audience's laziness and their tendency to hate others based only on what they hear about them without any little effort to investigate

How did the professor Jeffrey Lang convert to islam after reading just 7 verses form the Quran?

How does 7 verses from the Quran converted the professor Jeffrey Lang to Islam? In this brief video, the professor Jeffry Lang tells his story about the 7 verses from the Quran  that have made him make the decision to convert from atheism to Islam .

How many of you've read the Quran? Garry Wills

 The philosopher Garry Wills surprised his audience by this question. In one of his lectures the American philosopher Garry Wills embarrassed his audience by an unexpected question. Here is the video with the English transcription    The transcription:  As a Christian I consider Jesus a prophet but he’s the prophet of the one God there’s not several. So as a Christian I worship Allah.  How many of you have read the Quran ? A minority certainly.  Well, I do not want to shame you but I do. I think we should all be ashamed. You know we’re throwing our weight around the world where almost a quarter of the population are Muslims and not to know!  How can you say the Islamic state is a false construct if you don’t know what true Islam is. This book I published is the product of my shame. I was embarrassed, after the 9/11 I was talking with a group of academic friends we were wondering you know is this really an Islamic event (the 9/11 attack. And at some point people asked well, who here h

Romanian tourist tells his experience with a Turkish man

Romanian tourist  misses his way in the night while he was in turkey. He asked assistance from a Turkish villager.  what that villager did to him will surprise you

what did Muslims do to him in prison?

Martin Garnett a 25-year-old man tells his experience with Muslims in a prison in Thailand  

brief answers to big questions

in this video Dr Reza Aslan gives short and logical answers to the most stereotypes that are widely spread in western media and societies about Islam.

British correspondence listening to adhan for the first time in her life

In brief we could say that Adham is a call to prayer. It calls Muslims to put away everything and harry to al-masjid "the mosque"  to pray. it consist of few words that remind that there is no God but Allah and Allah is great and the Mohamed is the messenger of Allah and the prayer is the way to success. Here is a video of Adham with the translation: For more information about the Adham here are some sources :