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The Quran in brief

Muslims believe in all the heavenly sacred books, but they also believe that the Quran is the only holy book that remains intact. That’s why they only follow the instructions and guidance of the Quran. So, what is the Quran? Briefly put, it is the Islamic holy book. Muslims believe that the Quran is the words of God dictated to the prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- in the Arabic language. The Quran is translated into many languages, but Muslims believe that the Arabic version has a subtle power that cannot be felt in or translated into other languages. Yet everyone can feel this power by listening to the Arabic reciting of the Quran even if he/she does not understand Arabic. Here are the English translations of some famous verses of the Quran: "This(the Quran) is an insight to humanity—a guide and a lesson to the God-fearing."  Ali 'Imran, verse  138   " It is not for Allah to take a son! Glory be to Him. When He decrees a matter, He simply tells it, “Be!” And it

Prayer in Islam

  First let us distinguish between two types of prayers in Islam. The first one is called “Du’a”. It means to request help from God or ask God to accomplish your wishes or fulfil your needs, protect you and so on. This type of prayer could be done anywhere any time by anyone without any mediator between the worshiper and God. Everybody can raise his/her hand and ask directly anything he/she wants  from God.  The second type of prayer is called “Salat”.   This later is divided into two types; Optional (nawafil) and obligatory (fard). The optional one can be performed voluntarily anytime in the day. It is preferred to be performed individually at home. The best time of Nawafil payer is at night  .     The (fard) prayer on the other hand has certain times that Muslims must do their best to not miss. They are performed five times a day as follows: “Alfajr” is performed before the sun rises and it’s the first prayer that Muslims start their days with. “A Dohr“ is performed at the

What is Islam?

Briefly put, Islam is a divine monotheistic religion. the followers of Islam (Muslims) believe in all the prophets from Adam to Mohamed peace be upon them all. They also believe in all the sacred heavenly books which are the Quran (given to Muhammad), the Torah (given to Moses), the Gospel (given to Jesus), the Psalms (given to David), and the Scrolls (given to Abraham). yet, they believe that the Quran is the only holy book that remained intact.   The five pillars of Islam: To be a Muslim you have to adhere to these five pillars: Declare that there is no God but Allah and Mohamed (peace be upon him)is his messenger. Pray five times a day Fast the holy month of Ramadan. Give Zakat (a portion of one's wealth around 5% ) that rich people should pay yearly to those in need. Perform a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your life if it is within your means. That's it.