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what did Muslims do to him in prison?

Martin Garnett a 25-year-old man tells his experience with Muslims in a prison in Thailand  

brief answers to big questions

in this video Dr Reza Aslan gives short and logical answers to the most stereotypes that are widely spread in western media and societies about Islam.

British correspondence listening to adhan for the first time in her life

In brief we could say that Adham is a call to prayer. It calls Muslims to put away everything and harry to al-masjid "the mosque"  to pray. it consist of few words that remind that there is no God but Allah and Allah is great and the Mohamed is the messenger of Allah and the prayer is the way to success. Here is a video of Adham with the translation: For more information about the Adham here are some sources :

about us

We live in a world that turned out to be a small village in terms of the huge advancement in the transportation means, the cutting edge technologies that has affected every aspect of our life and made the way we travel, communicate, learn about each other and get the news and information far more easier. As a foregone conclusion we should also be living now in a peaceful, tolerant and accepting world; a world in which people from different cultures and ethnic groups live in solidarity, cooperation with no fear or hate of each other anymore.   A world in which everyone has many overseas friends and the mixed marriages are widespread and all religions, believes, values and cultures are understood, respected and revered; a world free of all types of cultural clashes, ideological conflicts and economic wars. There are no more reasons to fight or fear the unknown other.   Unfortunately, as you certainly know, this is not the case. we live in a completely opposite world. Every once in a w